Jesi, Italy, 1973: Marmo Meccanica was founded by the convergence of two worlds and kinds of expertise: precision mechanics applied to stone machinery and marble working.

In 1981, Marmo Meccanica designs and makes the first vertical edge polisher for stone. During the following years, that prototype LCV evolved and became the best-selling versatile machine that the world of stone workers loves.

Since January 2003, Marmo Meccanica S.p.A. deals exclusively with mechanical activity, while marble processing continues in a distinct company.
This dual activity, of builders and at the same time of users and first testers of our machinery, profoundly characterizes our design and construction philosophy. When we think our machines, we constantly take into consideration the operating environment of marble shops, so we favor maximum simplicity of use and maintenance over complicated design and aesthetics.



Diversification in specialization is our strength, the reason why we are able to offer a wide range of models and customizations, evolved and constantly updated, suitable to meet the different and changing needs of the market with an ever better quality/price ratio.

Marmo Meccanica machines are widespread in all the major industrialized areas of the world, distributed through a network of agents and retailers, and assisted by specialized technical service.

Depending on the destination markets, the machines are produced according to the European Machine Directive (CE mark) or according to the UL-CSA regulation, for which we obtained certification in 2003 (the first company in the world in our sector).

Currently the team is made up of about 35 people who work, from design to sale, under the UNI-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 quality regime.