Superfast L-shaped joints for drop aprons with Marmo’s “O/V Cut”

Superfast L-shaped joints for drop aprons with Marmo's "O/V Cut"

Cutting two edges at 45°, also known as Miter Cut, is the most commonly executed job if you want to make an L-shaped drop aprons. You cut the countertop, you cut the drop apron, you glue them together, and you polish and chamfer the front edge.

However, there are two main disadvantages to this type of operation.

The first is that, no matter how well the two parts are glued, the seam will always be visible in the center of the upper bevel (the most visible one).

The second, certainly worse for the producers, is that the cutting operation must be carried out at 45° on both parts to obtain the joint. This means that for each given length to be worked, it will be necessary to work double the length, therefore taking double the time.

Marmo Meccanica has implemented a solution that allows you to avoid both of these critical issues, applicable to quartz-resin and ceramic.

This is a double cut, performed in a single pass, first by the input motor (which is usually used to calibrate the thickness of the slab) and then by the output motor (usually to perform the drip cut). The result is a profile with a thin “veil”, which can be glued perpendicularly to its counterpart (kitchen top or whatever). The waste piece from this process, with a square section, can also be used as a reinforcing rib if glued behind the created corner. In this way, we have a stable L-shaped joint that will allow us to perform a chamfer that will be much less visible than those performed on 45° joints and in a single pass, with speeds up to 60 m/h.

Watch the video to discover the "O/V Cut" by Marmo Meccanica.

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