LCV-ST: the polisher for straight edge and “double Hollywood bevel” thresholds

In recent years, the need to break down architectural barriers has changed the way of conceiving many building elements.

Among these, the shape, the dimensions and the proportions of the thresholds for doors and windows and their slope (the so-called “double Hollywood bevel”) have been increasingly defined, until arriving to the creation of specific standards.

This type of work on the piece of stone is particularly delicate and laborious: if done by hand, the precision required by the standards is difficult to obtain, whereas with a cnc machine it is a very slow process. A bullnose polisher with oscillating spindle can solve the problem easily and quickly, but this family of machine is often more expensive and versatile than a dedicated machine, and using a bullnose polisher only for the thresholds or little else would be a bad investment.

Marmo Meccanica has therefore conceived the new LCV-ST: it is a special version of the famous LCV, and can do all that the basic version can do, that is to polish flat edges with chamfers on thicknesses up to 60 mm, but with something more.

The peculiarity of this machine consists in the axis of the polishing heads, which can be inclined from the basic position of 90 ° up to a minimum angle of 14 ° with the surface of the piece. This feature allows the surface to be shaped and polished to the desired angle, and with the same speed and quality as the normal flat edge, greatly increasing the large-scale production of thresholds.

All functions and geometric calculations are electronically managed, and the operator only needs to enter the required measurements in the user-friendly touchscreen display.

LCV-ST guarantees high speed, unparalleled on the market for this type of processing, and all the Marmo Meccanica typical quality on all materials: natural stones, synthetic, engineered, quartz and ceramics.

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