the vertical polisher for straight (up to 6 cm) or round (up to 4 cm) edges

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  • Dimensions L 346 – 385; P 126; H 175 cm
  • Weight 2200 – 2350 kg
  • Max power consumption 20 – 26 kW
  • Piece thickness 10 – 60 mm (flat edge); 20 – 40 mm (round profiles)
  • Piece minimum length 270 mm
  • Piece minimum width 175 mm
  • N. of upper prep-chamfer heads 1 (Ø130 mm diamond)
  • N. of lower prep-chamfer heads 1 (Ø130 mm diamond)
  • N. of oscillating polishing heads 5 (Ø130 mm)
  • Micro-oscillation for flat edge Standard
  • N. of upper chamfering heads 1 (Ø130 mm)
  • N. of lower chamfering heads 1 (Ø130 mm)
  • Static/dynamic thickness probe n.d.
  • Electronic control + touchscreen interface Standard
  • Front calibration n.d.
  • Ingoing multi-function Standard
  • Extra function for raw shaping with diamond wheel Optional (before the oscillating group)
  • Outgoing multi-function opposite to the belt side n.d.
  • Outgoing drip cut on belt side n.d.
  • Backstrip / bush-hammer function n.d.
  • “Marmo” miter cut (45°) for porcelain panels n.d.
  • “O/V” method for drop aprons n.d.

The compact vertical bullnose edge polisher

Compactness, ease of use and low price are the characteristics of this polisher. The LCT is also distinguished by its reliability, thanks to the use of hydraulic motors and a system of levers for the oscillation of the spindle-holder beam patented by Marmo Meccanica in 1987.

It is the ideal choice and for those with little work space and production needs of bullnose and flat edge on the most usual 2-3-4 cm thicknesses. Offered in two versions. The LCT 521 is equipped with an ingoing calibrating / drip-cut spindle, two heads for preparatory cuts / bevels, and 5 shaping and polishing heads mounted on an oscillating beam with a cam system. The LCT 522 is the same as the 521 in terms of operation, but with an additional motor dedicated to rough shaping with a shaped diamond wheel, placed between the preparatory cuts and the oscillating beam. This additional feature ensures faster execution speed and better polishing by the oscillating heads.


Standard functions

  • Flat edge polishing and rounded profiles
  • Shaping and polishing of straight bevels on a flat edge
  • Thickness calibrator
  • Drip cut at the entrance
  • Triple anti-slip cut at the entrance


Optional functions

  • Preparatory rough shaping