The vertical edge polisher for straight edges and chamfers up to a 6 cm thickness

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  • Dimensions L 225 – 440; P 118; H 138 cm
  • Weight 1200 – 2200 kg
  • Max power consumption 7.3 – 29.0 kW
  • Piece thickness 10 – 60 mm
  • Piece minimum length 270 mm
  • Piece minimum width 80 mm Standard, 45 mm Optional
  • N. of flat polishing heads Base version: 6 - 9 (Ø130 mm) Magnum: 7 - 9 (Ø150 mm)
  • Micro-oscillation for flat edge Optional
  • N. of upper chamfering heads 1 – 3 (Ø130 mm)
  • N. of lower chamfering heads 1 – 3 (Ø130 mm)
  • Static/dynamic thickness probe n.d.
  • Electronic control + touchscreen interface Optional
  • Front calibration n.d.
  • Ingoing multi-function Optional
  • Extra function for raw shaping with diamond wheel Optional (only without special bench for narrow strips)
  • Outgoing multi-function opposite to the belt side Optional
  • Outgoing drip cut on belt side n.d.
  • Backstrip / bush-hammer function n.d.
  • “Marmo” miter cut (45°) for porcelain panels n.d.
  • “O/V” method for drop aprons Optional

The best-selling vertical edge polisher worldwide

The LCV is the first vertical edge polisher for stone in history, and has been an unbeaten global best-seller since 1981, with over 5,000 units sold worldwide.

Efficient and simple to use, install and maintain, it is the ideal choice for polishing and bevelling flat edges on thicknesses from 1 to 6 cm, on all types of natural and synthetic stone and on ceramic materials. The vertical processing makes it perfect for laboratories that use grippers for handling plates.

With its 7 polishing heads (up to 9 on request) and its chamfering heads (up to 3 on each side), the LCV will give you the high quality standards you are looking for and will prove to be a durable and cost effective tool for your business. Like all Marmo Meccanica edge polishers, it is designed keeping in mind the three fundamental principles of ease of use, efficiency over sophistication, and minimum downtime for maintenance, thus proving the best profit/investment ratio machines on the market.

The ingoing and outgoing optional functions offer a wide range of versions and customizations starting from the basic model, always meeting any specific needs.

Standard functions:

  • Flat edge polishing
  • Flat chamfer shaping and polishing

Optional functions:

  • Thickness calibration
  • Drip cut
  • Front cut
  • Oblique cuts (0-90°)
  • "O/V" Process for L-shaped edges
  • Partial processing (electronic control, start and stop)

There is only ONE LCV and we make ALL of them.


Inspired by the needs of small marble shops and by vertical glass machinery, Marmo Meccanica designs and makes the world’s first vertical edge polisher for stone. The world of stone machinery was about to change forever.

First receptions

The machine was a success since the beginning. Polishing straight edges and chamfering was finally possible  in a smaller space and for a smaller price. The rest of the stone machinery world was skeptical, but they were bound to change their mind soon.

Early 1990s

 The LCV undergoes a series of design improvements that will lead to the acclaimed machine that it is today. The once-skeptical competitors are starting to make their own vertical machines looking up to the LCV. The era of vertical edge polishers has begun.

1990s - 2000s

Customization becomes the core of the LCV. From the base model, a variety of LCV families and versions are born, like the LCV-M, the LCV-M SE/SU, the LCV M-V/O, the LCV-TF, and the newest LCV-ST, each with its own peculiar features and specializations.


 With over 5,000 units sold worldwide and more than 80 possible custom configurations, LCV is the best-selling vertical edge polisher of all time. Efficient, sturdy, reliable, affordable, easy to use and maintain, it remains unmatched in terms of productivity, work quality and durability.

Why choose LCV?

Always one step ahead of others and towards the customers, our goal is not to sell unnecessarily over-sophisticated technology, but to give our customers the most profitable tool on the market. In almost 40 years of experience in  vertical edge polishing, the longest anybody has ever done it, Marmo Meccanica can provide the best technical solutions, in compliance with ISO 9001, CE or UL-CSA quality and safety standards.

What next?

The LCV will surely keep improving and evolving, and we will always do our best to keep our customers satisfied with our tailored solutions, our technological innovation, and our professional post-sale service all over the world.

The future of LCV is shiny and polished.

Do you want to be part of it?