LCT 511-BB

The ultra-compact edge polisher for "Bird Beak" and anti-slippery grooves

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LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB LCT 511-BB
  • Dimensions L 295; P 130; H 146 cm
  • Weight 1800 kg
  • Max power consumption 17 kW
  • Piece thickness 10 – 60 mm
  • Piece minimum length 270 mm
  • Piece minimum width 175 mm
  • N. of upper prep-chamfer heads 1 (Ø130 mm diamond)
  • N. of lower prep-chamfer heads n.d.
  • N. of oscillating polishing heads 5 (Ø130 mm)
  • Micro-oscillation for flat edge n.d.
  • Static/dynamic thickness probe n.d.
  • Electronic control + touchscreen interface Optional
  • Front calibration n.d.
  • Ingoing multi-function Standard
  • Extra function for raw shaping with diamond wheel n.d.
  • Outgoing multi-function opposite to the belt side n.d.
  • Outgoing drip cut on belt side n.d.
  • Backstrip / bush-hammer function n.d.
  • “Marmo” miter cut (45°) for porcelain panels n.d.
  • “O/V” method for drop aprons n.d.

Maximum specialization for maximum optimization

This particular version of the LCT vertical edge polishing machine has been created to shape and polish only BIRD BEAK (Demi-Bullnose) profiles and to make ANTI-SLIP GROOVES, guaranteeing high productivity at low costs in extremely compact dimensions.

  • Dimensions mm 2950 x 1300
  • Potenza Kw 17
  • RIGHT TO LEFT working wise only


LCT 511-BB is equipped with:

  • no. 1 ingoing DRIP-CUTTING MANDREL ON THE SIDE OF THE BELT, vertically and horizontally adjustable, on which it is possible to mount cutting tools, among which the MULTI-BLADE tool to obtain anti-slippery cuts;
  • no. 1 ingoing 45° CHAMFERING MANDREL ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE BELT, fort he pre-cut;
  • no. 5 OSCILLATING POLISHING MANDRELS, with hydraulic motors and pneumatic actioning. The first one equipped with a mechanical limit switch to carry out self shaped profiles by the use of a cup shaped diamond wheels for 15mm and 25 mm radius.

The machine is equipped with ingoing and outgoing roller tables.

Main features:

  • Mandrels oscillation system made with levers and connecting rods (no maintenance requested - super tested original patent by marmo meccanica since 1987)
  • The shaping is carried out by a single cup-shaped diamond wheel. No use of shaped, diamond wheels
  • Hydraulic oscillating mandrel motors
  • Mandrels protection by a self-draining, mechanical labyrinthed system (no bellows used)
  • The vertical transport system guarantees a very good stability and reduces the breaking of slabs
  • Rollers allowing narrow strips to be processed
  • Motorized pressing bar
  • Electrical box and hydraulic unit placed outside the machine