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Upcoming Events | StonExpo @TISE 2024 – Las Vegas

The annual American event with all the latest news in the industry Like every year, the appointment at the Exhibition Center at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, is renewed in 2024, with the protagonists of the global panorama of the machinery sector for marble, granite and natural and synthetic stones, under the wing of StonExpo. The [...]

Upcoming Events | Middle East Stone – Big5 – Dubai 2023

Returning to Middle East Stone - Dubai After three years of absence from the economic capital of the Emirates, Marmo Meccanica announces its presence at the 2023 edition of the most important sector fair in the Middle East. As with the other shows of this 2023, we are also celebrating a very important milestone here, [...]

Mitering porcelain panels with Marmo Meccanica

Mitering porcelain panels with Marmo Meccanica Executing 45° Miter Cuts on thick slabs of stone is usually a problem-free process, but it can become risky if you are working on thin panels, especially if on highly chipable and brittle materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, Dekton and similar. For thicknesses less than 20 mm, using a [...]

Edge polishers – The slab conveying system: a fundamental design choice

Edge polishers - The slab conveying system: a fundamental design choice Perhaps one of the least taken into consideration when choosing a new edge polisher, the conveying system is, on the contrary, a decisive design choice in terms of machine efficiency. There are two “macro-families” of conveying systems on the market: the free belt with [...]

Superfast L-shaped joints for drop aprons with Marmo’s “O/V Cut”

Superfast L-shaped joints for drop aprons with Marmo's "O/V Cut" Cutting two edges at 45°, also known as Miter Cut, is the most commonly executed job if you want to make an L-shaped drop aprons. You cut the countertop, you cut the drop apron, you glue them together, and you polish and chamfer the front [...]

Laminations and non-square edges? The solution: Marmo Meccanica’s Edge Milling

Since its introduction, the “Edge Milling” function has become one of the distinctive features of Marmo Meccanica horizontal edge polishers. What is it exactly, and what are the benefits of this simple yet fundamental process? Both in the execution of a flat edge with flat beveled edges, and in more complex profiles, such as flat [...]

LCV-ST: the polisher for straight edge and “double Hollywood bevel” thresholds

In recent years, the need to break down architectural barriers has changed the way of conceiving many building elements. Among these, the shape, the dimensions and the proportions of the thresholds for doors and windows and their slope (the so-called “double Hollywood bevel”) have been increasingly defined, until arriving to the creation of specific standards. This type [...]

LCV-TF: the special edge polisher for samples and small pieces

Edge polisher LCV-TF is one of the latest arrivals in the Marmo Meccanica LCV family. This peculiar version of LCV 722 offers all the possibilities of the basic model: 7 polishing heads for ⵁ 120-150 mm cup wheels; the first has a mechanical stop for the employment of diamond wheel 2 heads inclined 45° for [...]