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Upcoming Events: TISE 2022, Las Vegas

Marmo Meccanica announces its participation in The International Surface Event 2022. We will be present with our American Division and our most loved edge polishers, do not miss the opportunity to come and visit us. TISE is an international container that gathers everything related to flooring, cladding, design, construction and with an area entirely dedicated [...]

Upcoming Events: Verona Marmo+Mac 2021

The highly anticipated, most important international fair in the techno-video sector is finally back live. After the digital version of 2020, this year we return to Verona, where more than 750 exhibitors from all over the world will be present. Marmo Meccanica will be present as usual in Hall 3, Booth B67 / B88, with [...]

Upcoming Events: TISE 2021, Las Vegas

Marmo Meccanica - North American Division gladly announces their attendance at The International Surface Event 2021. TISE is a must-go event, an international hub gathering flooring, coverings, tiles, design, building, and with a whole area dedicated to stone machinery and tools. The event usually takes place in January, but was postponed due to the Covid-19 [...]

Upcoming events: Coverings 2021, Orlando

Coverings is back! After the 2020 break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Coverings isopening its gates again at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida USA, from 7 to 9 July. Coverings gathers together the best of international Distributors, Retailers, Fabricators, Contractors, Architects, Designers, Builders, Manufacturers and Suppliers, and Media. Historically, more than 1,100 [...]

Interview with the Marmo Sales Team

What drives Marmo Meccanica? What’s new in Marmo after the lockdown? What options range does Marmo’s edge polisher catalog offer to address the ever-growing need for customization and specificity of the customers? What’s cooking in the pot these days? This and more in the video interview with the Marmo Sales Team realized for Marmo Macchine Magazine. For info and [...]


  The new EDGE POLISHING & BULLNOSING MACHINES COMPLETE CATALOGUE by Marmo Meccanica is out now.      

Laminations and non-square edges? The solution: Marmo Meccanica’s Edge Milling

Since its introduction, the “Edge Milling” function has become one of the distinctive features of Marmo Meccanica horizontal edge polishers. What is it exactly, and what are the benefits of this simple yet fundamental process? Both in the execution of a flat edge with flat beveled edges, and in more complex profiles, such as flat [...]

LCV-ST: the polisher for straight edge and “double Hollywood bevel” thresholds

In recent years, the need to break down architectural barriers has changed the way of conceiving many building elements. Among these, the shape, the dimensions and the proportions of the thresholds for doors and windows and their slope (the so-called “double Hollywood bevel”) have been increasingly defined, until arriving to the creation of specific standards. This type [...]

Mitering panels with Marmo Meccanica

  Executing a miter cut on thick stone slabs is usually a simple task. But it can get quite hazardous when performed on thin panels, especially if we are talking ceramics, porcelain, Dekton, and similar. For a thickness under 20 mm, using a disk diamond blade is no longer a valid option. The thinner the […]

Superfast L-shaped profiles for drop aprons with Marmo’s “O/V Cut”

Cutting two edges at 45°, also known as Miter Cut, is the most common and executed job if you want to make an L-shaped drop aprons. You cut the countertop, you cut the drop apron, you glue them together, and you polish and chamfer the front edge. However, there are two main downsides in this kind of operation. [...]

LCV-TF: the special edge polisher for samples and small pieces

Edge polisher LCV-TF is one of the latest arrivals in the Marmo Meccanica LCV family. This peculiar version of LCV 722 offers all the possibilities of the basic model: 7 polishing heads for ⵁ 120-150 mm cup wheels; the first has a mechanical stop for the employment of diamond wheel 2 heads inclined 45° for [...]

Upcoming Events: MARMO+MAC Restart Digital 2020

The 2020 edition of Verona Marmomac will take place completely digitally on the Marmomac Restart Digital 2020 platform. A necessary solution that responds to the Covid-19 health emergency, but certainly no less effective solution: being able to bring together exhibitors in a single virtual fair and visitors from all over the world is an interesting opportunity with [...]

Upcoming Events: Stona 2020, Bangalore

  Stona Bangalore, the biggest International Fair of India in the stone and stone technology sector, is opening its gates to the public again in 2020. Founded in 1987, a pioneer in the field, Stona is the longest lasting stone exhibition in all Asia, and the most popular in terms of visitors, several thousands every […]

Upcoming events: StonExpo-TISE 2020, Las Vegas

  Marmo Meccanica’s 2020 exhibition calendar opens with a prestigious appointment in the American “Sin City”. StonExpo counts more than 700 exhibitors and thousands of visitors from all over the world every year on over 400,000 square meters of exhibition space, and it can undoubtedly be considered the most important event in the American West […]

Upcoming Events: Middle East Stone & The Big 5, Dubai 2019

  Also this year, Middle East Stone, the largest fair for the Middle East and North Africa for the natural stone and ceramic sector, reopens its doors to visitors from all over the world. Unlike the last few years, in 2019 the event will once again become part of the largest and most diverse The […]

Upcoming Events: Poznań Stone Fair 2019, Poland

  We are pleased to announce that Marmo Meccanica will be present at the Poznań Stone Fair event, Poland, which will be held from 20 to 23 November. The fair is enjoying more success every year and, for geographical reasons and ever-increasing economy, Poland is becoming an important commercial hub of Central Europe, a bridge […]

Verona Marmomac 2019 and “the VERTICAL experience”

Marmo Meccanica is very proud to announce that also this year we are going to attend Marmomac in Verona, the largest and most prestigious stone industry exhibition in the world. Our great classics for flat and round edges are going to be there, together with two new versions of our acclaimed LCV, so don’t miss the […]