Superfast L-shaped profiles for drop aprons with Marmo’s “O/V Cut”

Cutting two edges at 45°, also known as Miter Cut, is the most common and executed job if you want to make an L-shaped drop aprons. You cut the countertop, you cut the drop apron, you glue them together, and you polish and chamfer the front edge.

However, there are two main downsides in this kind of operation.

First, however well the bonding might be done, the seam line will always be visible on the upper chamfer (the one showing more).

Second, defenitely worse for the marble shop, you have to execute the 45° cut on both faces of the joint. This means that for each given length you have to make, you will need to process double that length, thus taking twice as much time.

Marmo Meccanica implemented in its machines a solution that can avoid both these critical issues. Watch the video below to learn how it works:

Watch the video to learn more about Marmo Meccanica’s “O/V cut”:

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