Second hand / refurbished machines

The 2nd hand machines offered by Marmo Meccanica are divided into 3 CATEGORIES based on the degree of overhaul:


    2nd hand original Marmo Meccanica stone machines, completely refurbished by the manufacturer, sandblasted and repainted, reconfigured to the safety standards in force and with updated software. Conditions peer to new at very affordable prices. Sold with a 6 month warranty from the delivery date.



    2nd hand stone machinery by Marmo Meccanica or other manufacturers. The complete working conditions have been checked and possibly restored by means of targeted intervention or replacement of the parts involved only. Sold without warranty.



    Used stone machinery by Marmo Meccanica or other manufacturers, working or partially working. No warranty is provided in the initial offer. It is possible to request a partial or total revision from the Marmo Meccanica mechanics.

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Edge polisher-bullnosing machine LTT 642 – Second hand – REFURBISHED

Edge polishing and bullnosing machine LTT 642 - Second hand - REFURBISHED Horizontal linear edge polisher for polishing flat edges and bullnose profiles, calibrating, chamfering and drip cuts on thicknesses up to 6 cm. Equipped with: N. 1 ingoing motor for thickness calibration N. 2 spindles opposed at 45° (one on each side) for chamfers [...]

Marmo Meccanica LCH 833 edge polisher – Second hand – GREAT DEAL

LCH - Second-hand horizontal edge polisher, used as Demo machine Digitally-controlled linear edge polisher for flat edge and chamfers on thickness up to 6 cm. Equipped with: N. 8 Polishing heads for flat edge, for abrasive wheels up to Ø150mm. The first one can mount diamond tools. N. 3 Heads for top chamfer, for abrasive [...]

HTO-MB – Monoblock Bridge saw – EX DEMO machine

HTO-MB - Bridge saw used as a demo machine, like new condition Equipped with: HEAD GROUP - Disc motor power: Hp 15 / kW 11 (S6) - Disc diameter: 350-500 mm - Display interface with color touch screen, for positioning and automatically program the X-Y-Z axes. Measurements and Movements: Electronic adjustment of the travel speed [...]

Second-hand Marmo Meccanica LCV edge polisher – Refurbished 2023

LCV - Second-hand edge polisher, completely refurbished by Marmo Meccanica in 2023 Linear edge polisher for flat edge, chamfers, and drip cut on thickness up to 6 cm. Equipped with: N. 7 Polishing heads for flat edge, for abrasives up to Ø150mm. The first one can mount diamond wheels. N. 1 Head for top chamfer, [...]

Single-head edge polisher Comandulli System 189 – Ref. #128

Price (VAT excluded): € 15.000,00 Manufacturer: Comandulli Model: System 180 Year: 1992 Conditions: Second-handOverhauled and working Fix bench edge polisher, single head. For slabs up to 10 cm thick. Profiles: flat edge, bullnose, half bullnose, flat chamfers, eased chamfers. Shipping expenses on the buyer. For info: Email: Tel/Whatsapp: +39 345 214 7004 {{ vc_btn: [...]

Lucidatoro monotesta Comandulli New System C.U.6 | RIF. #247

Prezzo (IVA esclusa): € 18.000,00 Manufacturer: Comandulli Model: System C.U.6 Year: 2000 Conditions: Working conditions, seen and liked as is   Fixed bench single-head edge polisher for thickness up to 10 cm. Automatic tool change with 6-position magazine. Executable profiles: flat edge, bullnose, half bullnose, straight and eased bevels. Shipping to be paid by the [...]