Verona Marmomac 2019 and “the VERTICAL experience”
Marmo Meccanica is very proud to announce that also this year we are going to attend Marmomac in Verona, the largest and most prestigious stone industry exhibition in the world.
Our great classics for flat and round edges are going to be there, together with two new versions of our acclaimed LCV, so don’t miss the opportunity to see our machines in action, and dive into the Marmo world.
Live demos will be scheduled throughout the whole exhibition in our booth (Hall 3 booth B67/B88) for our LCG, LCR, and LTZ:

Welcome to “the VERTICAL experience”

We present you a special corner in our booth at Marmomac 2019, dedicated to the most loved vertical edge polisher in the industry: the LCV.
“The Vertical experience” not only is a journey through the history of vertical edge polishing and how it changed the world of stone machinery, but mainly a chance to touch first-hand four different versions of the LCV and see the specific work each one is specially designed for.
Come learn how they can improve your shop’s efficiency and profitability:
  • LCV-M: the classic LCV Magnum for flat edges up to 6 cm.
  • LCV-M-V/O: with both ingoing and outgoing multi-functions, it is very versatile and capable of performing calibration, drip cut, front cut, oblique cuts (0-90°) and our special “V/O Cut” for L-shaped drop aprons for countertops.
  • LCV-TF: with its double conveyor belt, it can polish small samples down to 10×6 cm on a 1-6 cm thickness, other than backsplash and other narrow strips.
  • LCV-ST: built with a mobile polishing axis, it can achieve all tha base version can, plus it can shape and polish door thresholds and other slanted or sloping surfaces up to 14°.